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Each collection comes with similar and different benefits. Read below to learn more and find what you're looking for.


Salted By MLB: Premium

SaltedbyMLB Bath Salts are made with the highest grade Epsom salts, coupled with essential oils to create a relaxing retreat for your body. 

Keep your eyes peeled, we are curating new blends that will continue to tantalize your senses. Read below for the different benefits.


Moisturizes the Body • Regulates Heart Beats • Restores Skin Elasticity • Boost Blood Circulation • Improves Heart Condition • Relieves Body Pain • Helps Lower Blood Pressure• Improves foot odor • Relieves Migraines • Retains Hydration • Treats Post workout swelling • Reduces Stress • Improves sleep • Soothes sore muscles • Relieves aching limbs • Reduces itching • Relieves congestion • Improves immune system • Accelerates skin healing • Relaxes the nervous system • Detoxifies skin • Fights acne • Softens Rough skin • Prevents Skin Infections • Fights against premature aging


Salted By MLB: Salt Scrubs

SaltedbyMLB Salt Scrubs are created with the highest grade epsom salts and premium oils to produce a product that indulges your senses and body.


Replenish tired and dry skin • Massages skin while removing dead skin cells • Reduce inflammation • Increases blood circulation • Exfoliates leaving skin with an amazing glow • Promotes relaxation • Reduces the appearance of aging (smoothing wrinkles and bumps)


Salted By MLB: Sugar Scrubs

SaltedbyMLB sweet sugar scrub combines top grade quality sugar crystals with premium oils to aid in a sultry experience for your skin.


Natural Exfoliant • Natural source of Glycolic Acid (AHA) • Removes Dead flaky skin cells • Polishes skin revealing a brilliant glow • Renews clogged skin pores and clarifies skin • Promotes healthy skin • Rejuvenates tired skin cells • Helps skin retain moisture • Keeps skin hydrated • Great for All skin types • Leaves skin soft, silky and smooth to the touch • Suitable for use all over the external body

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